Google Marketing Live 2024

Highlights from Google Marketing Live 2024

Google Marketing Live (GML) is the premier event for digital advertisers who rely on Google Ads. With Google’s frequent updates, GML is our chance to stay ahead and optimise our ad campaigns. This year, the quote “If 2023 was the What of AI, 2024 is the How” was emphasised, focusing on effectively using last year’s innovations. While some marketers felt underwhelmed by the lack of new features, there are significant developments to embrace. Here are the key takeaways:

1. Google Ads Data Manager: With third-party cookies being phased out (starting with a 1% restriction for Chrome users in 2024 and complete elimination by 2025), the new Google Ads Data Manager is crucial. It allows marketers to import consented first-party data directly into Google Ads, improving data integration and targeting in a privacy-focused environment.

2. Profit Optimisation in Google Ads: Performance Max campaigns now feature a Maximise Profit goal, also available for Shopping ads. This lets advertisers optimise for specific profit targets, offering a more efficient alternative to Maximise Conversion Value.

3. Generative AI for Brand Creatives: Google’s generative AI now supports brand-focused creative strategies. Advertisers can input brand guidelines (colours, fonts, images), and the AI generates on-brand creatives, ensuring consistency and innovation.

4. Enhanced Reporting in Performance Max: Performance Max campaigns are getting better reporting tools, our personal favourite being the keywords. Improved YouTube placement reporting shows exactly where ads are displayed, while asset-level reporting identifies the best-performing creatives. These insights are invaluable for optimising campaigns.

5. Immersive, AI-powered Shopping Ads: New immersive Shopping Ads include short-form product videos, virtual try-ons, and 3D spins. These interactive formats aim to increase engagement and conversions, though they’re currently available only in the US.

Overall, despite some initial reactions, there are exciting developments and plenty of learning opportunities for us and our clients. Embracing these tools will help us stay effective and ahead of the curve.

Here’s to staying ahead in the fast lane of digital advertising – because in our world, if you’re not first, you’re last!

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